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Lambing Live @MoelyrIwrch

It may feel that we’re still in the depths of winter but there are some promising signs around the farm that spring is in the air. The pretty little snowdrops are popping up everywhere and the daffodil bulbs planted last Autumn have shot up and are nearly in bloom.

Our free range hens have started laying a few more eggs now that the days are getting slightly longer. Most of our chickens are traditional farmyard breeds so they tend to stop laying over the winter months. No doubt there’ll be a broody hen or two quite soon so we can look forward to having some new chicks around the place.

Our lovely Welsh Mountain ewes have all been scanned to check on their pregnancies – exactly half of them are carrying twin lambs, the other half singles. This little bit of knowledge is really useful as it enables us to give the ewes carrying the twins that extra bit of care to ensure that they cope well with their last few weeks of pregnancy.  We’ve brought them all in to the lambing shed ready for them to start lambing from 8th March.  Although it’s a busy few weeks ahead, where the lambing shed becomes our second home, the lambing season is one of the most rewarding times for us on the farm. Nothing beats the sights and sounds of the proud mums going out for the first time with their newborn lambs. Although small, the Welsh Mountain lambs are extremely hardy and perfectly suited to withstand whatever the Welsh weather throws at them.  Our lambs are all grass fed and spend their days on the Snowdonia hills.

We still have availability in Stabal, Hafod and Ysgubor Iwrch for the Easter holidays, including over Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday. Why not book yourself a farmstay holiday with us and experience the joys of lambing on a Welsh hill farm. Children especially love helping out in the lambing shed – feeding the sheep, shepherding the lambs and bottle feeding the odd pet lamb is always a thrill.



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